Pilot Application

To apply for Freeworld Airways membership, please fill out the form below.

We manually review every application. Please give us a few days after submission to get in touch with you again.

Beta Version

While we do accept applications, the airline is not yet operational.

Please be aware that it may take a while before you will be able to enjoy your freeworld membership to the fullest.

Terms and Conditions

Before signing up, please read and understand our terms and conditions. We require all members to accept and respect these rules to ensure a harmonious community.

Minimal requirements

Please provide truthful answers when applying for membership. All members are required to provide their real name. The minimum age to join the airline is 18 years.

Participation in our operations requires legally acquired copies of one or more supported flight simulation platform(s) including add-on products of your choice.

We expect all our members to behave in a respectful and friendly manner. Aggressive behavior, bad language and alike are unacceptable. Any publication of unlawful content is strictly forbidden.

Our operational language is English.


We have no minimal flights/hours limit. You will therefore not "lose" your account due to inactivity.

As a pilot you may choose to fly any airliner of your choice without fleet, route or rank restrictions. However, airports must be able to support the chosen type and the aircraft must be able to perform the flight (e.g. range). GA aircraft are not permitted.

You may choose from our route network or create your own schedules between commercial airports. GA airports and airfields are not permitted.

Pausing, time acceleration and "jump to" is allowed unless otherwise restricted (e.g. when flying online).

When flying online use 'FWA' and your flight number or your Pilot ID as a call sign. Adhere to the network rules and behave in a respectful and friendly manner.

Membership and rule changes

Membership is free of charge.

Our rules and regulations may change at any time. Information about such changes will be posted in community channels and though email.

You agree to receiving emails relevant to the service (e.g. account information, policy changes, etc.). No advertisements or other annoyances will be delivered to your email.

Your data is in no way shared with 3rd parties.

You may terminate your membership by contacting airline staff with the explicit request to terminate your membership.

Your membership may be terminated by airline staff without providing a reason.

For security reasons please choose a password at least 12 characters long containing at least one special character.

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